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Latest news

American Prize semifinalist 

I'm honored to be able to announce that I have been selected as a semifinalist for the American Prize in choral composition for 2019-20:

You can learn more about this prestigious national competition here: or follow the news on Facebook: or Twitter:

The pieces for which I was selected, As kingfishers catch fire and Ve hayah ba-'acharit hayamim (movement 3 of my "Songs in Time of Peril" cycle), are available for purchase on my scores page.

A belated summary of 2019, and a look ahead 

It's been a very busy, and very distracted, 2019, but I nonetheless have some musical highlights to share:

  • In June, IOCSF performed a revised version of my "Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away," originally written in 2012 and setting verses from the Song of Solomon in Hebrew.
  • In September, my new motet "Diffugere nives" was named a finalist in the Seghizzi choral composition competition based in Gorizia, Italy. It will be performed at the competition sometime in 2020-- I will update with exact dates when I know more-- and the First Readings Project will prepare a demo recording in March.

I've also been studying privately with a new teacher, Vince Peterson, and I feel like it's really levelling up my musicianship and command of structure and form in my compositions. I've got a couple of new pieces planned for 2020 already which I mean to send around widely: more details next year.

Happy holidays and beautiful music to all!

Video of Choral Chameleon Institute performance of my work 

On June 29, Choral Chameleon concluded its Institute in Brooklyn with a performance of twelve new choral works including my own "Ve hayah ba-'acharit hayamim," the third movement of my Hebrew cycle "Songs in Time of Peril." Their excellent performance is now up on YouTube:



New YouTube channel for my works 

I've started a YouTube channel with recordings of some of my pieces:

All these recordings come with perusal scores so you can see how the music unfolds, hopefully helping you decide whether to purchase scores. I'll add more as I get more recordings of the appropriate quality. Enjoy!

New major work: "Songs in Time of Peril" 

I'm delighted to announce that I've completed a three-movement choral work entitled "Songs in Time of Peril," with Hebrew texts from Job, Psalm 69, and Micah. Each movement is based harmonically around a different one of the symmetrical scales that Messaien called "modes of limited transposition." The movements draw stylistically from a diverse set of sources; there's some Brahms in there for sure, some Poulenc, a bit of Britten, quite a bit of the Russian Orthodox liturgical style-- and, I hope, my own distinctive voice bringing it all together. It's not easy by any means, but worthwhile for the emotional payoff and singing pleasure it can bring a choir who decides to take it on. The score is available for download from my scores page.