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Latest news

December premieres 

I'm delighted to be able to officially announce that two of my pieces will be premiered in the Bay Area on the same weekend: December 1 and 2.

First, as previously mentioned, Sacred and Profane will premiere the SATB version of my Oseh Shalom, the final movement of my cantata Hakol Hevel (All is Mere Breath). Their concerts will be on December 1 in Berkeley, December 2 in San Francisco, and December 3 in Santa Rosa.

Second, my “home choir”, IOCSF, the wellspring of so much of my compositional and choral activity over the past sixteen (!) years, will have a new piece of mine on their-- really, our-- fall program as well. This season IOCSF is doing “Holidays with a Twist”, a program of new takes on well-known holiday poems and tunes; and my Hanukkah Blessings, a setting of the three Hebrew blessings traditionally sung when lighting Hanukkah candles, will be included. IOCSF's concerts are… also on December 1 in Berkeley and December 2 in San Francisco. Sorry about the conflict; there are only so many holiday-season weekends and they're always packed with concerts. I hope to see some of you there!

Interesting times, interesting new musical opportunities 

So the Hakol Hevel premiere went very well indeed. Performance venues were full, audiences were moved; the choir, soloists, and orchestra all did a fantastic job. Just one wrinkle for me: I couldn't attend because I came down with COVID the day of the premiere. Argh. The writers were really lazy that day, as they say.

But I have good news about the future of the piece. First of all, we should have an album release of the recording later this year… stay tuned for details on that one, but I'm super excited about both the quality of the recording and the quality of the record label involved. And second, the final movement of the cantata, Oseh Shalom, is tentatively set to receive a Bay Area premiere in SATB a cappella form in December, sung by the excellent East Bay chorus Sacred and Profane. Save the dates-- December 1 and 2-- and again watch this space for more details.

Meanwhile, in the shorter term, I am singing up a storm. Today and tomorrow I am joining the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, singing the men's chorus part in the last movement of the Busoni Piano Concerto. We gave our first performance Thursday night and it got a splendid review:

And on July 18 I will be singing with a festival chorus organized by Volti for a program of contemporary music in Napa Valley, centered on the Yiddish-language oratorio “Vessels of Light” by Lera Auerbach:

Looking forward to the singing and to seeing folks there.

Tickets available for Hakol Hevel! 

You can now purchase tickets for the premiere of my cantata Hakol Hevel (All is Mere Breath) through the ECMC website, for both Saturday and Sunday concerts. Less than two months away now-- so exciting! I did a publicity interview about the piece last week and am looking forward to more conversations about it as performance time approaches.

And for those in the San Francisco area, don't worry, you'll have more chances in May and June both to hear me sing and to hear my work performed in person. Stay tuned for details on that in a forthcoming post.

Hakol Hevel performance times and venues 

We've now got exact places and times where you can go to see the premiere of my cantata Hakol Hevel. They are:

Saturday, March 25, 8 PM, at St. Peter's Church, 619 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

Sunday, March 26, 5 PM, at the Church of the Holy Apostles, 296 9th Ave, Manhattan

I hope to see many of you there!