A belated summary of 2019, and a look ahead

It's been a very busy, and very distracted, 2019, but I nonetheless have some musical highlights to share:

  • In June, IOCSF performed a revised version of my "Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away," originally written in 2012 and setting verses from the Song of Solomon in Hebrew.
  • In September, my new motet "Diffugere nives" was named a finalist in the Seghizzi choral composition competition based in Gorizia, Italy. It will be performed at the competition sometime in 2020-- I will update with exact dates when I know more-- and the First Readings Project will prepare a demo recording in March.

I've also been studying privately with a new teacher, Vince Peterson, and I feel like it's really levelling up my musicianship and command of structure and form in my compositions. I've got a couple of new pieces planned for 2020 already which I mean to send around widely: more details next year.

Happy holidays and beautiful music to all!